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    Same expression gives different results being placed in Dimension and Expression

      Dear Community,


      I have encountered a strange and magic problem. I'm creating a customer debts report. The overall debts amount is calculated as where

      [End_Date] >= [C.Due Date]

      So the expression for calculating the overall debt is defined as

      =Sum ( if( [End_Date] >= [C.Due Date], 1, 0 )

      * [C.Amount] 

      * if( ([C.Proforma_flag] = 1 OR [C.Prepayment_flag] = 1), 0, 1 )))


      BUT. I'm not having the right numbers in the Pivot Table.


      (The Due Amount + Prepayment should give the Sum, EUR (be 822), but it is not.)


      But when I move the expression of debts identification to the calculated dimension:

      =if( [End_Date] >= [C.Due Date], 1, 0)      (AS Due)

      and leave another part in the expression:

      =sum( [C.Amount]

      * if( ([C.Proforma_flag] = 1 OR [C.Prepayment_flag] = 1), 0, 1 ))

      then I get the right number.



      What can it be? Why can this happen? Please help...


      Thanks in advance!