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    Timeout & Hanging when using AccessPoint


      Our users access our QlikView documents via IE with the Java client within AccessPoint.

      Every so often, it seems that their sessions get timed out if they are inactive for a period of time and when they then try to do anything it hangs IE completely.

      Firstly, is there a timeout setting that we can change?

      Secondly, does anyone know why it causes IE to hang?

      Many thanks,

      Andrew Longland
      Group IT Manager
      Millbrook Industries Ltd

        • Timeout & Hanging when using AccessPoint

          We are experiencing the same time out problem. We have tried to solve it with the different options available (server and documents) with no luck. The only thing we have solved is the issue with IE hanging. We have IE 8 and version 9 SR5 for the qlikview plugin. When we receive the disconnected mesage we just refresh the page and the document opens again without hanging IE.

          Hope this helps. Please come back if you find the way to solve the first issue.


          Alfredo hernández


          • Timeout & Hanging when using AccessPoint
            Anna Katarina Persson

            Hi Andrew,


            You can find a setting in Qlikview enterprise management console, on the tab called System, expand your qlikview server node and select the tab called performance, and you will find, under sessions, maximum inactive session time.

            If this session time is reached a disconnect will take place.

            On the application it self, there are some settings as well to take into considerations, for example how the document will handle reloads etc.

            When it comes to java session hanging the internet explorer, this seems more like a bug and you should report it to support.


            Kind Regards