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    JMeter: multiple static selections in one field

    Gabriele Marrone

      I have been trying to use JMeter to stress test a QVS, by using this package.

      It is pretty easy to select a specific value out of a listbox, for example:


      Alas, I cannot understand how to select multiple (specific) values in the same listbox. Random multiple selections is not an option here. I need specific values.

      I tried setting multiple "static selections" actions as the following screenshot shows, but based on the RAM used by the server, it is definitely not working:



      Then I tried to use just one action, with a value such as "(Year|Sales Country|EAN)" (no quotes), but it does not work either. Nor a wildcard seems to select possible values (just for testing purposes).


      I am not sure whether it is relevant or not, but the aforementioned listbox is set as "LED Check boxes", therefore the actual behaviour the user gets when clicking multiple values (with no holding down the ctrl key) is to add them to the selections, ending up with multiple values selected. Still, it does not seem to work that way when using JMeter.


      Moreover, there cannot seem to be an action set a bookmark, just actions to create and delete them.


      This is the version of the GUI tool that I am using:


      Session logs show there are actually is a connection by JMeter, so it should be working, but it is not.


      Thank you for any feedback and suggestions.