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    Add months to salary



      I'm new to Qlik and trying to acomplish the following.

      I have a table with employees and year salary's. I also have a master calendar and some other tables.


      This is my master calendar


      minmax: LOAD    date(max(OrderDate)) as MaxDate RESIDENT Facttable; LET vMinDate = Num(makedate($(vDateLimit))); LET vMaxDate = Num(peek('MaxDate')); DROP TABLE minmax; TempCalendar: LOAD date($(vMinDate) + rowno() -1) as TempDate AutoGenerate $(vMaxDate) - $(vMinDate) + 1; MasterCalendar: Load TempDate As OrderDate, 'Q-' & Ceil(Month(TempDate)/3) as Quarter, Week(TempDate) As Week, Year(TempDate) As Year, Month(TempDate) As Month resident TempCalendar;


      This is my Employees table


      Employees: LOAD EmployeeID,   FullName,   [Year Salary] RESIDENT EmployeesTmp;


      I want to make a new calendar, with the employeeID's, Salary's per month and with them linking to the OrderDate of the mastercalendar. How do i accomplish this?


      Thanks in advance.