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    Data linkage in data model



      I've downloaded qliksense desktop and 've started building data model for an app.


      After loading data from a bunch of .csv files (each .csv file represents a table), Qliksense suggested certain data links which was helpful, however there are other data linkages that needs to be made that are not suggested by Qliksense's association functionality.


      Following is a picture of the data model. Please guide as to how to create data associations (linkages) outside of the once suggested by association?



      Notice some of the islands above. They need to be associated/linked to one of the tables. Please help.



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          balraj ahlawat

          First , identify &..analyze each and every table


          Is their any common & unique data is avail in between tables??


          If yes, then alias that field and make the same name as in another table to like it, like






          From TableA;





          Number as ID

          from TableB;

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            jagan mohan rao appala



            Qliksense will join tables based on the column names.  Sometimes the column names may not be same, so we have to manually rename the columns to make join happen.


            For example:




            Product_Sales.account_id AS account_id




            FROM DataSource;







            FROM DataSource2;


            Now this two tables are joined using account_id column.


            Hope this helps you.




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                Thanks for the revert.


                While trying to edit the script this is what is noticed.


                Since i had used the add data wizard to load data, Qliksense has auto-generated a script in a separate tab (different from main) and it is read only. i.e. it doesn't allow editing Or even copying the script.


                autogenerated script.PNG

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                    Muliady Hartono

                    You can also rename the fields by going to the "Data Manager" section on the left navigation. When the field names match, the tables will be automatically associated with each other.


                    Data Manager.PNG

                    Then on the table you want to edit, click the "pencil" button.




                    Then click on the field header, and just make it the same name as the other field in the other table that you want to link.


                    Then load the data again.


                    I hope this helps.