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    Problem with scheduled reload.


      We are working with Qlikview Server 9.0.7320.7 and i'm having the following problem with Scheduled Reloads

      We are reloading a few docs on a daily bases and that works fine, but i also want to reload two docs on a weekly base.

      And that doesn't work, those docs are reloaded on a daily base also. All settings are, as far as i know, correct , as the daily reloads are working fine.

      Anyone who had the same problems? Or anyone know what could causing it?

        • Problem with scheduled reload.
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          I think this is bug ID# 24318, which was resolved by SR3. SR4 is out now too, so you should consider updating to the latest and greatest version. I think I remember that this problem only occured with QMC, so if you choose not to upgrade, maybe using QEMC will resolve it.