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    Using the mash-up editor to integrate objects into website

      My name is Tiago and my company is looking to use the power of Qlink Sense to provide some data-driven reports to our customers.

      I've opened a new discussion because this seems like a whole new topic to ask about. We want an embedded solution to our website and so I've been looking into mash-ups, a bit like those shown in the link below.




      I think this video is probably the closest thing I've seen to the solution we wish to deploy but I have two questions:


      1. If we have Qlik Sense Desktop running in the same server as our website, should I use localhost (like in the video) or something like myserver.com/.....?


      2. We've run some tests using a mashup created with the single configurator with Qlik Sense Desktop and we found out that if you use some filter/interaction, it'll affect what the other users see.

           a. Is that because we're using Qlik Sense Desktop instead of Qlik Sense Server?

           b. Is that a session issue? Does it have to do with tokens? If I want to open different sessions  for the same objectID should I use different tokens?