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    Want to show dedup scenerio or flag

    virendra chawra



      We have availalbe data like this :



      Booking ID      PersonID                  Email

      B01                 P01                           ABC@mail.com

      B02                 P02                          XYZ@mail.com

      B03                 P01                           ABC@MAIL.COM

      B04                 P01                          ABC@mail.com

      B05                  P02                        XYZ@mail.com



      Now as per scenerio , i dont to miss any data ....


      like   if i want unique email than my daa should like





      But i want all the Booking ids....not like max of email and limited ids...



      same for person id ......if i can say i   want  unique person than in straight table i want all booking ids and email.......kindly suggest