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    On Demand with cyclic groups

    Chris Hopkins

      hi everyone,


      can anyone tell me if On Demand supports cyclic groups please? i cant seem to get it working.

      I can get it working with scheduled reports but i need to use it using the On Demand functionality.


      any guidance would be appreciated

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          Randi Borys

          What version of NPrinting are you using?


          I have it working with cyclic groups in my environment.


          Do you need to keep the current selections when the report is run? I have that unchecked, because I don't want a filtered report.

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            Mike Czerwonky

            You should be able to run any report you want with On-Demand.   One of the benefits of On-Demand is being able to use current selections to populate your report.   If your report is setup in the sources settings to clear current selections, than you are just executing your report with the report, recipient and task filters you already have configured.


            If you don't have clear all selections checked, any current selections you are making when you are using On-Demand may be affecting your report generation.


            clear all selections.PNG

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                Chris Hopkins

                Hi both, thanks for your replies.


                we have 'Clear all Selections' ticked as this is something Qlik recommended to me back last year for any on demand report as we want on demand to use the current selections made by the user.


                we are using and are looking to stick with this version until more functionality is released in v17.

                DataGrrl, is it on demand you have it working with or a scheduled report?

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                  Chris Hopkins

                  one thing to add, when i attempt to run an on demand report with a cyclic dimension, it uses the 1st field that is included in the cyclic.



                  if cyclic1 contains the following fields...







                  then any on demand report i run no matter what cyclic i have displayed in the chart will always output 'Region'.


                  there is a parameter within nprinting against the cyclic name in the table listing that you can tell nprinting what field to use but this only seems to be relevant for scheduled reports