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      please have a look at my example. I must build a comparison between OUT and IN Plants. When there is the same date on a plant OUT in comparison to a plant IN something went wrong.




      ID 1 have plant B OUT: 2.2.2015 and plant D IN: 2.2.2015    THIS IS WRONG!


      And now I want to have a new table which shows me ID:1; Date: 2.2.2015; Exception: 3


      Next example:


      ID 2 have plant U OUT: 2.2.2015 and plant D IN: 5.2.2015 THIS IS CORRECT because they have different dates...


      SO how to build such a table like in example 1?


      Thank you... !

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          Sunny Talwar

          How do you get to know if something is in or out? All I am seeing is three field with no in or out information here:



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            Gysbert Wassenaar

            Try this:



            LOAD *, if(ID=Previous(ID) and IN=Previous(OUT),3) as Exception INLINE [

                ID, Plants, IN, OUT

                1, B, 1.1.2015, 2.2.2015

                1, D, 2.2.2015, 5.2.2015


                2, U, 1.1.2015, 2.2.2015

                2, D, 5.2.2015, 10.2.2015


                3, U, 1.1.2015, 3.3.2015

                3, A, 3.3.2015, 5.3.2015

                3, F, 5.3.2015,