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    Property is invalid on server, but works on local client

      I create a demo.qvw, one list box, two buttons. Button A executes Macro SubA, Button B executes Macro SubB.

      It works well on my local client, but after deploying to server, the macro does not work. Anyone can help me?


      Thanks in advanced. My QV Server is 8.5 SR6.



      function SelectFieldOnlyOne(FieldName,BoolValue)
      set fld=ActiveDocument.GetField(FieldName)
      set fprop = fld.GetProperties
      fprop.OneAndOnlyOne = BoolValue
      fld.SetProperties fprop
      end function

      sub SubA
      call SelectFieldOnlyOne("A",true)
      end sub

      sub SubB
      call SelectFieldOnlyOne("A",false)
      end sub