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    ACLs Qlikview 9

    taoufiq zarra


      I use Qlikview 9, my problem is the following: I have a set report with a set of user and I use as a security domain accounts. I want to give a set of user to view reports and others do not. each running just these specific reports. unfortunately with the domain account everyone's watching the reports of others with the address http://MyServer/qlikview. when I look in the Security menu my posts: Document CALs are not applicable. Reason: thank you for your return.

      Cdt, Tawfiq

        • ACLs Qlikview 9
          Vlad Gutkovsky


          I'm not really sure I understand the problem. Do you mean that you want only certain domain users to be able to view certain application? If so, this is controlled by default by NTFS read permissions assigned on the QVW in question. If you mean something else, can you post a more detailed description and/or screenshots?