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    Filter Data by using a variable

      (QLIK SENSE)



      Hallo to all,


      again there is a (hopefully easy) Problem I'm concerning of. I want to filter my data by using a variable. I've already read some threads about such a topic but can't adapt it to my problem, because i don't understand the way to use of $<xyz=...> which is often mentioned.


      My Problem:

      I have some Sheets. On one Sheet i have 5 buttons. Each button set the value of variable x to a different value for example 2012, 2013, ... . If i press one of these buttons, i will only get those data for example of the year 2013 (if i press Button 3). So i want to see only the customers who bough something in year 2013 in table 1. Or the orders made in 2013. I think you know what i mean. Is this possible?

      Is it also possible to combine 2 buttons. If i use for example toggle buttons and different variables for each button, can i Filter customers, orders and the other data by 2 years so i get all data of e.g. 2012 and 2013 if these buttons are active?!


      I hope you understand what i mean and that you know a way to realize it. Thanks a lot