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    Expandable Header in Pivot Table & total sales by customer in percentage

    Lokesh Patel

      Hi All,


      I am new to QlikView and Still learning and I have two questions. I have attached the QVW file for your reference.


      The Data Model contains Customer name, Order ID and Order Status as below in one single table

      Data Model.png


      (Question 1) How to create an expandable column like following:


      I have created a below Pivot Table.

      Desired Picot.png

      And I want this table to expand look like below table Only When I click on the header 'Order received'.

      Pivot in Total Numbers.png


      (Question 2) How to get total sales by Customer in (%) Percentage?


      Which expression should I write to show the total sales volume in (%) by each customer out of 100%.


      I wrote the expression  =num(count(OrderId),'0%') but it is giving below.


      Pivot in Percentage.png


      Thank you.