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    Issues with reloads in V9 SR3

    Frank Siciliani

      We have built a new server and installed V9 SR3 on it. We do not have a published license so we are using the default reload functionality.

      I have set up all the reload tasks. We have several chains; one QVW loads at a certain time and the others behind it are set to run on completion of the previous.

      When I looked this morning, I found two problems:

      1. I had tasks that did not fire off at all. The previous execution was yesterday, and the next was tomorrow. Today was completely skipped.

      2. Some only fired off the first task, and none of the subsequent ones triggered.

      We are currently running the server with a test license, but from my understanding this should not make any difference.


      Has anyone had these issues? Are there known bugs around the standard reload functionality in server?

      I just want to say that this is very frustrating, since the old version never missed a beat.


      Thanks in advance.