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    working fine in straight table but not in kpis chart

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,

      What making me confuse is i am using same dimension  and same expression in two diff charts (kpis,straight table),but i am getting two diff results

      i mean ..my default when end user open dashboard he as to see all the location aduit score ...which is working fine in both table chart and kpi chart ....

      if he goes feather and select only particular location from the drop down then he should only see that selected location with score ...

      which is working great in table but its not working in kpis charts,

      what i looking is when i select  location, only selected KPI chart  has to show the value the rest kpi chart  needle should be at zero


      straight table:


      expression:Sum({<ADATE={"$(=max(ADATE))"}>}OVERALL_SCR)(working fine)


      kpi chart:(chanderia kpi chart)




      Help me in resloving this task,

      Please find the attachment(data screen short)