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    Using rangesum and above and below to calculate 12 months rolling total in graphs

    thierry geufroi

      Dear all,


      I posted a previous post https://community.qlik.com/message/981234?et=watches.email.thread#981234, related to this in which I got a full answer by sunny T, by the way.


      but I can't manage to adapt it to MAT calculations.

      in my need there are 2 concerns:

      1) being able for a period dimension in the format yearmonth (201501, 201502 ...) to graph the result of 2 expressions one related to the exact period and one related to the same period BUT last Year.


      2) not just calculating the sum for the specific month and same month last year, but having MAT= 12 months rolling total... this is where the rangesum and above play a role.


      can sombody adapt this working version in YTD in MAT PLEASE ?


      I attached the working QW app with YTD expressions

      I added also an excel to better explain what I would like....

      crossing my fingers !