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    Exporting to PDF Timeout error

    Guohao Yee

      Hi All,


      I frequently experience this error when exporting a dashboard to PDF using Qlik Sense Desktop (on a i5 Windows 7 with 8 gb RAM) / Enterprise.

      This particular dashboard has 36 KPI boxes, 20 charts (squeezed to show linear trends only) and 9 text & images boxes containing a grey background.


      Due to the sensitivity of the data, I cannot share the QVF file.

      However, this error is reproducible on different computers and the Qlik Enterprise Server so it is definitely not an isolated case.


      The export works if i restart my laptop.


      I also experience this error with other sheets but they will mostly work if I just restart QlikSense.


      I am not sure if it is a memory issue. Anyone else had similar experience or tips to export large files?