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    Access for users in another domain


      This seems to have been asked many times before but I cannot find an answer that works for me.


      I have QlikView server installed on a domain - let says DomainA.com.  I have then added a second domain - DomainB.com - within the QEMC (the Directory Service Connectors part).  This is a trusted domain.


      I have successfully tested that the QEMC can connect to DomainB by doing a lookup in QEMC to allocate a license to a user in this domain.


      We use AD to control permissions to the documents so I have also give the user access to the folder where the QVW is stored.


      The end user connects to Access Point using the FQDN  i.e. http:\\myservername.DomainB.com\qlikview


      Access Point successfully loads and recognises them as DomainB.com\User.Name


      However they cannot see any documents in Access Point.