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    External Program Task Doesn't Run


      QlikView 8.5

      I have created an External Program Task to run an instance of QV32bit, then run a .qvw file. Here's the command line code:

      "C:\QlikView\Developer_X32\Qv.exe" /r "D:\QlikView\Applications\TransferFiles.qvw"

      I scheduled it in Publisher on our QA server and it ran perfectly. With this success, I moved the application onto our Prod server, tested it and it runs perfectly too.

      Now, I have come back to the QA server several weeks later to make a few changes. I first ran the application "as is" to make sure all was OK before I made changes. It doesn't run. It just hangs when scheduled.

      I have extracted the command line prompt from the External Program Task and ran it on the QA server at the DOS prompt and it runs fine. I have looked at all the Publisher settings and QlikView Management Console settings between the QA and Prod servers and the seem identical. I even rebooted the QA server...still no joy.

      I have culled thru this forum for help, but can't find anything related.

      Any suggestions?