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    Clicking on Bookmarks button causes QV Server to restart and client to hang


      We have a problem whereby any client clicking on the Bookmark button in the menu bar causes the current IE session to fail and the QlikView Server service actually restarts. The client, using the IE Plug-in, gets a message advising 'Server Communications Lost, Document Closing'. The IE session then becomes unstable and has to be shutdown via task manager.

      This problem has existed for a few months on our v9 SR2 UAT instance but at the weekend, in an attempt to resolve, the server was upgraded to v9 SR4 and the IE plug-in to the same but this has not fixed.

      To rule out any document problems we created a very simple .QVW file with just 10 rows of inline data. This was renamed so it had the same name as our 'real' document and copied over that file. The 'ourdocname.qvw.shared' file was deleted.

      Using this file the symptoms are the same as those experienced with the real file. The first time the Bookmark button is clicked it appears to work and new bookmarks can be created. However any subsequent clicks causes the symptoms detailed above. Only when the '.shared' file is deleted does the button work again.

      I have seen previous posts with similar symptoms but so far no definitive resolution. We tried using the QV webserver instead of IIS but this did not cure. The Event log on the server doesn't provide any additional information. It just advises of the restart.

      I did wonder if the problem was down to a simple permissioning problem but this doesn't seem to be the case.

      Any pointers?