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    New to allow my users to LogIn and LogOut

      We're looking into utilizing Qlikview for an external portal for our partners.

      I'm using DMS authorization with custom users.

      I currently have a page that is used to log-in (shown below)

      error loading image

      The user is taken to the accesspoint where they can open up their document

      I'm am attempting to add a log-out button in the document that takes them back to the log-in page. I attempted to use one of of the prebuilt "Actions" to navigate to the login URL

      This however is simply doing one of two things.

      1. It opens up a new tab at the login URL while keeping the origninal document open

      2. It opens up a new sheet at the login URL while keeping the original document open

      Both outcomes essentially defeat the purpose of a log out button.

      Would anyone have an idea on how to implement this?