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    Xavier HEMELAAR

      Hi Qlikers,

      I'm trying to load a CSV file in Qlik Sense. But the delimiter does not work properly. Each dimension is separated by "," like: Country","City","Address (so delimiter in CSV is: double quote AND comma AND double quote)

      In Address I can have comma sometimes in between the value. This will shift the rest of the address after the comma in the following column.

      I tryed: delimiter is '","' (quote AND double quote  AND comma  AND double quote AND quote). This doesn't work. It will still split my data for each comma and now also for each double quote. because I can have " (double quote) in my address also.

      So is there a way to tell Qlik that I really want to do the split for each group of  "," that I have in my data? And not for each single comma or single double quote that I can have in my Address.

      The scrip used:


      [@1]  AS [Country],


      FROM [lib://Export/TEST.csv]

      (txt, utf8, no labels, delimiter is ',', no eof);


      Thanks for your help