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    QVS: Setup Tab is empty (after V9 SR4 Installation)


      Hello Folks,

      i need your help. Thx in advance!

      Today i wanted to access via the qlikview server's accesspoint some qv documents. The accesspoint told me that it cannot see any qv servers (0 of 0). I did not manage to get it run, also after reading the tips shown by accesspoint...

      So i deinstalled qvs from server and deleted ALL QV Directories (program files, programdata, user files\appdata, etc.) After that i could not find any qv files more on the server. Then i installed QVS Version 9, Release 4. Everything went fine, also accesspoint was working fine again after that. BUT now the Setup Tab in enterprise management console is empty?! Just white?

      Does anyone have a solution for that problem?

      Thx very much!




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