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    Connecting Qlik Sense to an OLAP Cube

    Tanner Glenn

      Hey community,


      I've seen a few posts about this so far but haven't had any luck with the responses provided. I'm trying to connect to an OLAP cube using Qlik. I realize this is not the ideal way to use Qlik to its full potential but it is what I need to accomplish given the data I have to work with on this project.


      The auto generated script seems to break when it arrives to the SQL Select. I've read that MDX queries can be used here but it's not something I am familiar with and am having trouble implementing. I've also changed Qlik Sense into legacy mode so that I am able to use a OLEDB Connect statement instead of a Lib Connect. This works for connecting but I get the same undefined error.


      Are there any suggestions that the community might have? Thank you for all the help!