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    Is this feasible in QlikSense?

      Hello All,


      I have a peculiar requirement which is described below. Could anyone help with your inputs/suggestions.


      Requirement: I am looking to have two time series overlaying each other on one chart. Requirement is to show meetings from one quarter and the sales from the following quarter to be on top of each other.  In other words, did the work I did last quarter impact sales this quarter.




        • Re: Is this feasible in QlikSense?
          Stefan Wühl

          Maybe use a calculated dimension like


          =daynumberofquarter( DateField)


          and two expressions, something along these lines


          =Count( If( InQuarter( DateField, Today(), -1), Meeting))

          =Sum( If( InQuarter( DateField, Today() ) , Sales))


          you may also use set analysis to restrict your records to specific quartes per expression.