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    Governance Dashboard Publisher timestamp issue

    Tyler Waterfall

      Just when we thought we resolved the issue with having to manually set the Publisher datetime format (in v 1.x)...


      Unfortunately, it appears that certain Publisher (QDS) timestamp formats are not being properly read by the Governance Dashboard 2.0.


      How can I tell if I'm having this issue?

      If you are pointing to Publisher log files in the Configuration page of the Governance Dashboard and you see the following in your app, you know you are affected by this:

      1. The Publisher page shows task information but no Start and End time and no duration
      2. The Scan Details page shows a Tasks count > 0 but a Task Reload Entries = 0

      publisher no task reloads.png


      What is causing this issue?

      Certain timestamps in the publisher reload logs are not properly read by the load script of the Governance Dashboard 2.0.

      More details: Publisher (aka QlikView Distribution Service, QDS) uses local settings to set the timestamp format in its task reload logs. When the timestamp format is not YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss or MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss PM, you will have issues.


      What should I do?

      Contact Qlik Support for the workaround, which involves a small update to the load script to fit your Publisher timestamp settings.

      Please be prepared to share a TaskExecutionHistory...xml file from the QlikViewPublisher\TaskExecutionHistory folder.

      You can reference bug QV-6082 as well.