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    Is it possible to create separate reports in the same excel workbook based on different bookmarks?

    Grace Wang

      Hi experts,


      I created a P&L statement in qlikview. By selecting  program and subprogram in filter, there are 20 individual P&L statements which need to be sent out. And I created 20 bookmarks for each statement.


      I'm wondering in Nprinting is it possible to create 20 separate reports but in the same excel workbook ( that means there are 20 sheets in the excel workbook) based on various bookmarks? I tried to add page but it looks like I can't put bookmark in it.


      At first what I did was to add recipient filter using bookmark. But the problem is if a user who needs to receive 2 or more P&L statements, even if I set up 2 bookmarks to the user, the report he receives is just for Bookmark2.



      So in order to make sure the user receives all the reports, I add bookmark filter in report itself. Then I have to create 20 NPrinting reports with various bookmarks. Now the problem is if a user say a CFO who needs to received all the P&L statements, will receive 20 separate reports instead of an excel workbook containing 20 sheets.


      Appreciate some one could give me a hint.