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    Listbox Search

    Bhaskar Sharma



      I have a listbox with Order ID's with thousands of unique IDs. Often my users need to search hundreds of Order IDs to analyse/export information. It's of course not easy to select hundreds of IDs in a listbox. I have therefore, created a small macro in Excel, which creates a string for the values to be searched, which then can be copied in the listbox for searching. The string looks like:




      This however has a porblem as it appears that the listbox has a limitation as to how many characters you can put there (in my case it typically searches close to 100 records at a time).


      Is there anyway we can make QlikView search as may records we wish in the listbox (or any other object for that matter, as long as I can select all the desired IDs)? As the search is performed by the users, doing it at script level is out of the question.


      Please help.