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    qlik sense problem with connecivity


      Since 6 days i started the 30 days trial of qlik sense i got problem in connectivity


      i log in and afterwards i have this message :


      he system is not available at the moment. Please try again later.


      Now, i wonder if it does depends on trial version or in real too.

      Is there someone got this problem and how sort it out

      thank you

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          Chris Rice

          Hey Giovanni,


          Can we get some more context around the error? Exactly when are you getting it? A screen-shot would be best.



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            Mattias Malre

            Hello Giovanni

            I know kha (Karl Humma) mentioned a fix for this being deployed yesterday. Can you confirm this is still an issue today?


            Also, moving this thread to Qlik Sense Cloud portion of the community.


            Best regards


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                Henning Naarlien-Tolpinrud

                alr kha


                My account briefly started working again yesterday, but today it is back to broken. I have an alt account that I created after the first one got "stuck", and it has been working fine the whole time, and still is.


                So I'd say it is still an issue.


                For me, the error appeas when trying to open an app for editing. In addition, creating new apps doesn't work, it just displays the "Creating cloud app" animation for a while, then pops back into the hub, and there's no new app. Duplicating exising aps in the personal cloud still works (but I still can't edit them). Publishing works, and I can open the apps in the shared cloud.I can also unpublish, but when the app is back in the private cloud again, I still cannot open it.


                There is definatetly something wonky going on, and I am wondering if a fixed release was rolled back again..? The navigation was a little different while it was briefly working again yesterday (popup menu in graphs on clicking them), now it's back to how it was before that (buttons appear in the top right corner when hovering).


                Edit: It is back in a working state for me, navigation is hover style, not popups.


                Best regards,