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    QDS Cluster: how to send the tasks to specific node on QDS cluster

    Srikanth P

      We have 2 node publisher cluster and we are trying to separate the tasks between the nodes. But currently we can't find any option to send specific task always send to specific node. Please find the below example.
      Nodes: QVPUB01 and QVPUB02 
      1. Transaction_Hourly_Data_Refresh
      2. Transaction_Full_Daily_Data_Refresh
      3. Qulaity_Dashboard_Task

      Currently, all tasks are load balanced to either of nodes.

      But what I am expecting below:
      Task 1 and Task 2 send always to QVPUB01 
      Task 3 send always to QVPUB02

      We simply created the QDS cluster & created the tasks. Where can we define which task have to go which node.