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    Governance Dashboard Session Concurrency - The difference between 2.x and 1.x

    Tyler Waterfall

      QlikView Governance Dashboard user -


      Some of you might have already noticed that the Session Concurrency numbers you see in v 2.x are different than what you were seeing in 1.x.  There is a reason for this, as I explain below.


      In general, you will see that v 2.x shows lower session concurrency.

      This 2.x calculation is more aligned with QlikView licensing because v2.x counts the unique users with apps open at each interval (one-minute in the comparison case).


      On the other hand, v1.1 counts all open sessions. So, if userA has two or three browsers open with the same app, v1.1 Governance Dashboard  would report 3 concurrent sessions, whereas v 2.x would report 1 concurrent session.


      This effect is magnified in specific scenarios. For example, when you start embedding QlikView apps in another website, like Salesforce or your internal company website. In these cases, by merely having the Salesforce website open (or other website w/ the embedded app) – perhaps in multiple browsers or tabs or on multiple devices - you could see Governance Dashboard 1.1 reporting several concurrent sessions for this user. But v2.0 would only count this user with multiple session open as one concurrent session.


      To validate this I checked the frequency of user “sessions” involving more than one session and found that 10% (298 / 2978) of the user sessions fit this scenario (of which 29 (1% of total) were 3 or 4 sessions in one). This was performed on real QlikView environment data.


      So, which is more accurate?
      In terms of the way QlikView session licensing works, v 2.0 is more aligned as a session can handle up to 5 user sessions in the same browser.
      In terms of actual concurrent user-sessions count, 1.1 more closely presents this picture.


      The one case where v 2.x would break down is if users have six or more app sessions open across browsers or devices.  v 2.x will only report the one concurrent session (one unique user) but in actuality such a user would be consuming more than one session cal at that time. But this is not a likely scenario.


      Hopefully this helps to clarify the differences.