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    QlikSense Security Rules

    Marco Puccetti

      Hello, i need to know the logic of the evaluation of the security rules in qmc

      In this case are them evaluated in 'and' condition or in 'or' condition?





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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          A user begins with no access at all. You can only add permissions, not remove them. So any rule that gives a user permission to do something with an object will result in that user having that permission. Other rules cannot undo this.

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            Marco Puccetti

            In this case how are applied the streams within a rule?

            When there are two roles


            • ContentAdmin
            • SecurityAdmin
            • RootAdmin


            In "and" or in "or" logic condition?







            with different types of authorization, which of them are applied or they are applied both at the same time?


            My question is the following: i have a mashup application (extension) that is configured to be accessible locally, but from external machine (even if the access is set to anonymous) i get this error (the local user has the role of RootAdmin and it's also configured in the securityu rules):



            So i have considered the error due to a bad server configuration. Have i to change the Resource filter too?




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                Jeffrey Goldberg

                No available access type means they don't have a token allocated to them to access.  This is a license access rule issue and not a security rule issue.


                License rules are evaluated first to authenticate you to Qlik Sense (that is allocate a token).


                Security rules are evaluated second to authorize your capabilities and access to Qlik Sense resources.


                As Gysbert said, all security rules are additive.  They will run in whatever order they run, but the most privilege rule will win out.  Moreover, security rules are constantly re-evaluated against the user in the event their access changes during a session.

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                Michael Tarallo

                Hi Marco - let me put another set of eyes on this.


                jog - anything you want to add?



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                Mike Tarallo