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    Upgrade testing in secured/isolated environment with no internet access

      I submitted this ticket to support, but I wanted to reach out to the community as well to see if anyone else has feedback.  We’re doing a test run of upgrading from QlikView 11 to 12 in a secured / network isolated environment. (also utilizing Hyper-V to allow for checkpoints, reverting back, etc)  Our security policy for the environment does not allow internet access at all. We’re unable to complete the installation and perform our sanity tests because of what appears to be a failure to access our QlikView license server.  Is there an alternate way to do such testing?  Even if we obtain a temporary "test license" to perform the upgrade tests, we still would need it to be applied without having the internet access.  I imagine there are several customers who have done similar upgrade tests in the past.


      Completing this test run is essential before we can plan the upgrade for our production environment. Is there an alternative to the real-time license check for secured/network isolated environments?


      Please advise.