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    Resorting with NPrinting

    Jennifer Lyngle


      I have created a Word Report using the Image Function - when I run the report the sorting is being reset to Name then Sales amount.  In qlick view I have the sort set as follows:



      but if I go back into the report and make changes the sort reverts back to Name first.  I have also saved the dashboard with the preferred sort, closed it ran the report from NPrinting and the sort has again changed to Name first.


      Any direction is welcome.


      Thank you.

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          Mike Czerwonky

          Hi Jennifer,


          Not sure I completely understand your issue.  If you are capturing an image from your QV app, it should be showing you exactly what is displayed on the screen in your app.


          I guess I should ask what version of NP you are using?

          How are you generating your report?  Using Preview, Task, On-Demand or with Server Scheduler?

          Are you using filters in the report?

          Are you using paging?


          Does it produce the undesired result if you pull up your NSQ on your local Nprinting Client and just try running a preview from your Template?  You should be able to make selections in your QV app and run a preview and have it display the desired result.  I do this everyday in development of new reports.


          Now, having said all of that, I have seen instances in QV where I have edited a chart by adding an expression and the sort order does seem to change back to the original order of the fields.  I have to go back and edit my sort order again, but Nprinting should not be causing that.


          It is also possible that you need to "refresh" your charts in your Nprinting report.  When I make changes to an object in
          Qlikview involving adding a new column to a chart, it almost always messes up the alignment in my presentation in Nprinting.  So, I will go to my image object list in Nprinting and refresh.  Then I will remove the object from my Nprinting report and add the new version back in and re-size as necessary.


          Hope this was helpful!