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    Reference Line Expression in Gauge



      QlikSense noob here. I have a Gauge chart that shows % of Female out of Total. I have added a reference line to show a "target" of 50%.


      Now, I am trying to make this a dynamic target instead of a static 50% target. I would like to have this target change when I select a particular Job Level in a Filter Pane.


      For Example, when I select Job Level='Executive', I want this target/reference line to be 27%, similarly when I select Job Level='Director' it changes to 40% and so on. How can I do this in the Gauge chart? I am guessing via the Reference Line Expression?


      I tried applying the formula below but it didn't work. I am sure I am doing something wrong:-


      = IF ({<[Job Level] = {'Executive'}>}[ID],27, [,50])