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    tying to get max date using first sort value

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,

      my expression was working fine till yesterday ,but not now .....

      i am trying to get max(date_of_ review)  =TOTAL_SCORE value....for each individual  to achieve that i wrote


                                                           in a       stright table:


                       expression:FirstSortedValue({<ROLE={'SELF_EVAL'}, ENSTEHDAT = >}TOTAL_SCORE, -DATE_OF_REVIEW)

      in my date   AMIT INDUSTRYS Score occurs three time ...i want to show only this latest DATE_OF_REVIEW AND

                                                                                                                   second latest  DATE_OF_REVIEW

      in two diff columns in a stright table ...

      but by writing above expression i am getting all .....insteady of those two




      please find the attachment