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    Loading expressions into QV from a file

    N G

      HI All,


      I have a ridiculous chart to create :-) with hundreds of columns (but will control show / hide via conditional to make it usable).


      Entering expression on screen for this volume is a nightmare, so what I want to do is load something like this...



      LOAD * INLINE [_MetricCode,_Metric_Name,_MetricExpression
      MAA,   Sales    ,sum(SALES)


      & then have a chart that uses the expression..




      .. hoping the resulting expression column would be the sum of my sales i.e. £100


      ... however I am getting the 'text' as a result in the column i.e.  'sum(SALES'.


      Is there a way please to tell the expression the result is a formulae ?


      Thanks in advance