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    Problem with opendoc.htm


      I have set up several installations of Qlikview server to be used with IE Plugin. From 8.2 on Win 2000 server to 9.0 on Win 2008 R2 64.

      But now I have a problem with my latest installation. It's a Win 2008 R2 64 with IIS. Everthing is up and running. The users access the Qlikview document from a link displayed on a asp-page from IIS. If I use the opendoc.htm feature there is problem. For example: www.site.com/QvPlugin/opendoc.htm?document.qvw . Then I have to login on the Windows server. But Qlikview is set to use DMS Authorization, so the NTFS should not be a problem. Also, if I use the qvp link (qvp://www.site.com/document.qvw) I dont have to login to the server.

      So, does anyone know why the server keeps asking for login details? Iports 80 and 4747 is open. I can telnet to them

      I also have another minor problem... Some of my users (actually ,quite a few) have the old plugin.asp link from 8.2 as a bookmark. Is there som good way to redirect them to the opendoc.htm document instead. using IIS 7? I have tried to ptu a plugin.asp in the QvPlugin folder, but that doesn't help. It is not even found.

      I'm obviously not an IIS expert, but I thougt I had enough skills to do this.