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    NPrinting Condition

    Christiana Queffelec



      I would like to run a report only when I have an intersection of two fields. Meaning, the report shall run for example only if we have sold a product in the previous month. If the product hasn't been sold the report shall not run or give 0.

      Currently if I'm doing the selection MonthYear = February 2016 and Product = A and we did not sell it in February 2016 but in January 2016, then the selection of the MonthYear is cleared out and the report is displaying the result of all periods in which we have sold product A. What can I do, in order to tell NPrinting that the report shall only run when product A is sold in February 2016?

      I suppose that I need to setup a variable in QV but so far I'm without ideas what / how to do.


      Many thanks for your help.