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    FIELD VALUE as part of Variable Name on SCRIPT

      Hi @ll,


      I've a doubt when trying to do the following on script. Let's show first my scenario.


      LOAD * INLINE [
      1, 1, 250, SP, 1.3
      2, 2, 350, SP, 1.1
      3, 2, 450, ES, 1.2
      4, 1, 550, ES, 1.4


      Then i declare two variables :



      SET vIntrim_1 = 'SALES*RATE';
      SET vIntrim_2 = 'SALES/RATE';


      Now i want to generate a new field based on the evaluation of the variable depending on the value of the field INTRIM_CALC. It should be something like show below:



      LOAD *,
      Resident Table1;


      But i can't find the way to handle it

      . I know i can use IF's, or variables with parameters or Peek function, but i'm treating a very large amount of variables and a very huge # of rows in the fact table.

      Anyone knows how to catch the value of INTRIM_CALC field for each row, place it as suffix for my var prefix, and then Evaluate it?

      The result should be as shown :




      Thanks in advance,


      King Regards,








      *App attached