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    Ranking multiple dimensions

      Hi there.


      I've using Qlikview for two weeks and QSense for two more, so firstly I apologize if something results obvious.


      The problem is as it follows:


      I'm working on a dashboad that have been built from a poll in xlxs format (excel), so I'd like to represent several rankings.


      For instance, we have some reasons for leaving the company as a client. That client could have chosen one or more reasons, and the reasons are collected in the excel file as columns. When I try to build up a bar chart, Sense considers each reason (column) as a dimenson, then I'm only able to represent one per chart and, of course, manually sorted. This is what I've got:



      I've only reached to this partial solution, one bar chart per reason (A,B,C...) showed as a unique bar.


      Any sugestion for impleting it as one complete chart, for dynamic sorting and so on?


      Thank you so much for any help    : D