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    Privileges for the QlikView services on a Windows 2008 server



      Hi group,

      We are testing QlikView to find out if fit suit our needs. Today we installed the QlikView server (standard edition, 30 day license) on our Windows sever 2008. This must be done with administrator rights.

      But now all the services (including the web server services) are running with this account as logon. This account is member of the group Administrators and the group QlikView administrators. Is this really necessary? A member of the Administrator group on a Windows 2008 server has all privileges and that is of course potential dangerous.

      It seems to me that this level of right shouldn't be needed to let the QlikView server do its job. Especially for the web server services. Is a lower logon privilege possible for the QlikView services? Or can we run some of the services 'Local service' or 'Local System'?