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    Activating nprinting 17 license when using a proxy to connect to the internet

      Hey all,


      I need to install the license of an nPrinting 17 server.

      The license is correct, When I use it on my laptop when not at my client and without proxy, it works perfect.

      When I use it at the client server, it thinks for about 30 seconds, then it asks me if I am sure that I want to leave the page.


      I think it has to do with the proxy server. The server bypasses the proxy because it is local LAN, but the license activation goes to the internet.

      For some reason the page thinks it has connection to the internet so it doesn't ask for manual entry of the LEF.


      I am working remote so I can't disable the network card.


      I don't have priveleges to bypass the firewall.

      Is there a way I can tell the nprinting installation to look for the license through the proxy?

      Or am i looking in the wrong direction.