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        Hi Sathish, I think there must be something went wrong and I am not sure about it. I am suggesting you to download the recorded video which is given below which help you to overcome this problem. I feel it will be better If you remove the server and follow the procedure given in the video. I am sure your problem will be solved. I am managed to install the server by viewing this video and hopefully you will also solve it. https://qliktech.webex.com/qliktech/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=EC&rID=28707607&rKey=EC7D56974036C924
          • Qlikview Server Installation
            Sathish G

            Hi Rikab Thanks for your reply. if u have any document for qlikview server installation please give me.

            I solved the problem. Problem is Particular user is not a domain user. and also this is 1st time i am installing the qlikview server.

            I have some more doubts, after qlikview server installation, Qlikview management console and Qlikview enterprisemanagement console came.

            whats the difference between this 2? after qlikview server installation what r the steps i need to follow?

            in enduser system wheather i need to install qlikview plugin???

            I hope any one help me???????


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              Thank u for sharing the video

            • Qlikview Server Installation

              Is there anyway to test the installed environment?

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                anyway, definitely after you install the qv server, you must restart the computer to run the services, but you can either run the services 1 by 1 in services menu.

                the management console will open at least after the qv webserver service run.

                and for 1 thing, you cannot start more than 1 webserver in the computer, because the qv webserver service won't be start