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    how to show break ups

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,i am trying to show breaksup of diff PLACE


      I tookthree diff text box::     Load Port                     Discharge                            Plant

                                              100000                               1000                                   3000


      where ever user click on Load Port he should see load port breakups on diff tab(SHIP,QUANTITY),

      IF user click on Discharge he should see Discharge  breakups on diff tab(SHIP,QUANTITY),

      IF user click on Plant he should see Plant  breakups on diff tab(SHIP,QUANTITY),


      Load Portshipment10130,000.00
      Load Portshipment20130,000.00
      Load Portshipment30140,000.00

      Discharge      shipment1              01                  100

      Discharge      shipment4              01                  500

      Discharge      shipment5              01                  400

      Plant            shipment1              01                  1000

      Plant            shipment4              01                  1000

      Plant            shipment6             01                  1000

      i known how to write trigger to move from one tab to other...but the problem how to make qlikview to under which PLACE text box did user click and show the PLACE relevant SHIP AND QUANTITY

      i think we need to write some expression and set diff variable values for each place .......is it possible to show all them in same table ....