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    How to change qvw propertly on QlikView Server

    Oriol TG



      Usually when I have to work with qvw stored on a QlikView Server, I use to copy that file to another folder, apply the modifications and then substitute the old qvw for the new one.

      We have found a problem with that process when a user through the QlikView AccesPoint wasn't able to see the changes (opening the qvw with the desktop we were able to see them). We checked the browser cookies, restart the server and deleting the .META file. Was only with that last method that the client was able to see the changes but obviosly he lost the bookmarks.

      I don't know why the .meta saves something that affects on the changes causing to be unable to see that modifications but I would like to see how I have to proceed to avoid that problems.


      I would appreciate any help and comment.