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    Use of Variable

    Deepanshu Chamoli

      Hello All


      Kindly help me in the below logic.


      I have created something not sure it is correct or not.


      If the difference between Today Date and First day of the Month is Less than 6 than it picks the Last day of the previous month else Today date.


      Formula I wrote is:


      Date_value = IF((TODAY() - MONTHSTART(TODAY()))<6, DATE(MONTHSTART(TODAY())-1), TODAY())


      I need the below two things as:


      1. received_date >= Date_value - 3

      2. received_date < Date_value - 3


      Can someone suggest me how I can use this in set analysis




        • Re: Use of Variable
          Stefan Wühl

          You can create another variable, subtracting the 3 days and formatting the date same way as received_date (assuming its format is the default script format):



          =Date( Date_value -3)


          If it's not in the default format,add a format code to Date() function:

          =Date( Date_value -3,'MM/DD/YYYY')


          Then in your expressions, maybe something like


          =Sum({<received_date = {">=$(Date_value_threshold)"}>} Value)




          =Sum({<received_date = {"<$(Date_value_threshold)"}>} Value)