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    Need help with Data Model

    Evgeny Stuchalkin

      Hello! I'm building data model for CRM. I have following entities:







      Each Lead connected to Contact

      Tasks and notes can be connected to Lead or Contact

      All connections works via id-fields.


      When i'm loading data in 'as is' structure, i'm gettig SynKey (as espected ). Model looks like this:



      In attempt to avoid SynKeys, i created additional id fields, to follow the rule: "All tables connected with only one fields".

      Tasks and Notes splitted in four tables instead two, for Leads and Contacts. SynKeys gone. Now model looks like this:



      And finally, the question All of this tables contains another common fields. For example, Resposible-worker. Each deal, contact, task or note can have their own responsible worker (all from single list of workers). if i Qualify field Resposible-worker, i can't use it like single dimension for filtering. But i really need that What can i do with data model to reach that?