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    A PDF Report

      I have created one PDF report in NPrinting but I was wondering if a report can be created like the attached report.  Can someone give me some thoughts.



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          Avinash R

          yes, you can . Create the chart in Qlikview and provide the Multi line header option for the caption and remove the border of the straight (go to chart properties >layout > boarders) in Nprinting import this chart and check the keep source formatting...

          Hope this helps you

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            Lucian Cotea

            OK, this is what I come up with:


            Your script:


            LOAD * INLINE [
                Area, Location, Building, Status, Organisation, Room
                Auditorium, Cape Henry Collegiate, Everett Hall, Approved, First Landing Dance Center, Everett Hall|E-PFA (The Perry Family Auditorium)
                Auditorium 2, Cape Henry Collegiate 2, Everett Hall 2, Approved 2, First Landing Dance Center 2, Everett Hall|E-PFA (The Perry Family Auditorium) 2


            LOAD Area & chr(13) & Location & chr(13) & Building as F1,
                 Status & chr(13) & Organisation & chr(13) & Room as F2
            RESIDENT Source;


            Then add a table and change the Properties -> Presentation -> Multiline Settings


            Table multiline.png